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CDOSYS email object reference

How to use the CDOSYS mail object to send email from ASP.

Views: 13846 • Category: Email

September 03, 2007

A generic form mail with CDOSYS

A generic form mail example for sending emails with ASP via CDOSYS email object.

Views: 13898 • Category: Email

September 01, 2007

Simple OLEDB connection to Microsoft Access database

How to connect to a Microsoft Access database via ASP using an OLEDB connection string.

Views: 14756 • Category: Database

August 27, 2007

Detect submit button

How to detect which button has been pressed for submitting the form.

Views: 21236 • Category: Misc

July 12, 2005

How to send a permanent redirect in ASP

How to send an HTTP 301 Moved Permanently header in ASP.

Views: 4971 • Category: Misc

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