ASP Stats Generator

ASP Stats Generator is a free, reliable and powerful website counter written in ASP programming language. It provides website statistics with detailed visitor tracking and analysis.


ASP Stats Generator is a free software created, developed and distributed by Simone Carletti.
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Support and Troubleshooting

You can post your support request to the official support forums. Please, do not privately contact staff or developers for support.


Are you looking for a free, reliable and detailed web statistics software for ASP/ servers?
This is your lucky day man, here it is!

ASP Stats Generator, the most popular ASP web site statistics software, is a stat counter developed for small to large web sites.

Find out in real-time who your visitors are, where they come from and how they are using your web site.
It provides real time visitors tracking, referring URLs, keywords and browsing platforms.


  • Microsoft Windows IIS 5.0 or later
  • Active Server Pages 3.0
  • VbScript Engine 5.0 or later
  • Support for Microsoft Access Database 2000 or later
  • Microsoft MDAC 2.6 drivers or later

User profiling

  • User settings: operating system, browser, resolution and colors
  • Browser settings: browser type, language and accepted languages
  • Visitor activity: visited pages, IP addresses, geo localization and navigation paths

Graphical Reports

  • Web statistic report per day/month/hour
  • Monthly calendar summary
  • Visited pages and visitors


  • Search engine referer tracking
  • Search engine queries and key phrases
  • SERP: check your search engine result page position for current keyword!


  • Customizable skin
  • Administration area
  • … and more

ASP Stats Generator provides a wide variety of web statistics about visitors and how they browse your website.
You can log real time active users, total visitors and visits.


ASP Stats Generator measures your web traffic accurately tracking users browsing platforms, operating systems and configurations.
Each visitor is geo located. You can know his referral source, language settings, visited pages and more.


ASP Stats Generator is able to understand more than 100 different search engines. Discover how and where visitors find your website, which are the most popular queries and keywords.


ASP Stats Generator is the first web statistics tool providing your real-time ranking position for each search engine query.
Check the results of your search engine optimization (SEO) activity! and are property of Simone Carletti.
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