This page describes the ways in which the sites, and third level correlated domains owned by Simone Carletti (aka “Weppos”) are managed, referring to the processing of personal data of users/visitors who browse them.

Weppos seriously takes care of the privacy of its visitors. Appropriate security measures are in place to protect the information gathered during the browsing of the site.
For further information please consult the personal data policy on this page.

General Information

Weppos carries out, according to the current legislation, the automatic recording of log files. The logs contain information which is not personal, sent by the browser during the surfing, such as for example, the IP address, browser version, operating system in use and visited pages. Such data does not allow the user identification.
All the information collected by Weppos, unless otherwise agreed, will not, in any case, given to third parties without the necessary authorizations, unless they are needed for legal procedures and on request of the juridical authorities in charge.


Second and third level domain temporary markers (cookie) are used on Weppos in order to help the site browsing by supplying customized functions and structures according to the to user’s preferences.
Weppos will never try to write or recall cookies or information which are not in line with the activity of this site.
At any time the user can decide to disable the cookies saving authorization by the site by changing the setting of their browser, being aware that this change could decrease the surfing functions offered by the site.


For their own nature, forums are public and the information which is not hidden is available for the public to consult.
Weppos supplies each registered user, with settings and tools in order to make some private details special, such as for example, email addresses but, whether to make the information public or not, is left as a free choice for the user.

Links with other sites

The sites can have links with other sites and resources (knows as “Recommended hyperlinks”).

Recommended hyperlinks are not under the control of Weppos which is not responsible for the data and information collected by such sites. In the same manner it is not responsible for the processing of personal data policy adopted by such sites, for any updates or changes published by Recommended hyperlinks.
Weppos supplies this hyperlinks solely as integration of information on the site.


Weppos reserves the right to change at any time the above conditions, without any previous warning.
The user should periodically check the information published by Weppos regarding privacy protection policy. and are property of Simone Carletti.
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